Nasal Polyps – A Natural, Permanent Cure

Do you have trouble breathing, suffer from frequent headaches, or have a cold that just doesn’t seem to ever get better? If you do, then it is very likely that you suffer from nasal polyps. These are teardrop-shaped growths that occur in the nasal passage and in the sinuses (upper airways). They are soft to touch, and their color may be white, grey or pink. If they grow in the nasal linings, they are generally visible from the outside; however, if they are deeper in the sinuses, you may never realize you have them but you’ll still exhibit their characteristic symptoms: blocked and stuffy nose, loss of smell, loss of taste, unexplained nosebleeds, daytime fatigue, headaches, and increased yawning.

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What Causes Nasal Polyps?

There are a number of genetic and environmental triggers for nasal polyps. If you have asthma or other forms of allergies, you are more likely to get nasal polyps because of the chronic irritation of the nasal linings. Living in a highly polluted area or in a location where the air is very dry can also trigger these growths. Furthermore, if you had an accident that altered the shape of your nose, or if you were born with a deviated septum, you are at a higher risk of developing nasal polyps.

Whatever the trigger for nasal polyps, what ultimately causes these growths to form is a chronic irritation and subsequent inflammation of the nasal linings. As a result of this inflammation, fluid accumulates in these cells, and gravity eventually pulls them down resulting in the characteristic teardrop-shaped polyps.

Nasal polyps should not be left untreated, as they will keep growing in size and in number. Generally, if you develop these growths on one side, you will soon get them on the other side too.  Their symptoms will keep getting worse, eventually becoming very painful and possibly altering the shape of your face, causing great discomfort and embarrassment. They will affect your breathing and disrupt your sleep, leading to chronic fatigue, headaches and dizziness.

Conventional Treatment for Nasal Polyps

Conventional medical treatment for nasal polyps involves either steroid therapy or surgery. Unfortunately, both these approaches are limited in effectiveness and only provide a short-term solution. Steroids can shrink the polyps within a week, however, they need to be used continuously. Once steroids are stopped, the polyps will grow back, often larger than they were initially. And you WILL have to stop steroids after a few weeks, because their side effects soon become unbearable. In fact, steroid therapy is associated with a weakened immune system, chronic migraines, development of allergies, vision disturbances, stunted growth in children, weight gain in adults, and others [1] [2].

Surgery is the other option and it may be either of two types: nasal polypectomy and functional endoscopic sinus surgery. Surgery can be very expensive – according to the CNN, nasal polyps surgery costs around $30,000 in the USA and $3,000 in the UK [3]. Worse, surgery too is not a permanent cure and most patients will experience nasal polyps again shortly after the procedure. According to Dr. Mark C. Loury at Advanced Otolaryngology, PC (Colorado, USA), rates of recurrence can be as high as 75% [4]. In addition, there are serious side effects associated with nasal polyps surgery. These include damage to the optic nerve (possibly causing blindness), leakage and infection of the brain fluid (possibly causing fatal meningitis), nasal hemorrhage, thrombosis in the legs, and development of asthma, as reported by the Shandong Provincial Hospital & Shandong University (China) [5].

With all these issues, one wonders why anyone would opt for steroids or surgical treatment when you can get rid of nasal polyps naturally and safely.

A Natural Holistic Solution

You can get rid of nasal polyps naturally, safely and permanently without resorting to any medications or surgical interventions. The secret lies in tackling of the underlying cause. You see, whatever the trigger, what ultimately causes nasal polyps is an irritation and inflammation of the nasal linings. If irritation and inflammation are not present, nasal polyps CANNOT OCCUR, period.

Therefore, the holistic natural way of getting rid of nasal polyps forever is firstly be removing factors that can irritate the nasal linings, and secondly by making sure that your body is in an anti-inflammatory state. Examples of how you remove irritants is by properly managing allergies (e.g. did you know that you should not use aspirin if you are asthmatic?), avoiding toxins and irritants in foods and beverages, and humidifying your home if you live in a dry area.

Next, you want to ensure that your body is in an anti-inflammatory state. You can achieve this via dietary and lifestyle modifications. For example, you should cut down on saturated fats (such as processed meats, butter, chocolate and pastries) and moderate your intake of omega 6 fatty acids. On the other hand, you should increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids (e.g. by eating more oily fish such as salmon and mackerel or using an omega 3 supplement) and anti-oxidants, especially quercetin (e.g. by eating more apples and capers). Incorporating these changes will not only keep you nasal polyps free, but will also protect you from a number of diseases and conditions such as heart disease and cancer.


To speed up the initial nasal polyps shrinkage, you can make use of specific herbal extracts. Some extracts are to be applied directly to the polyps, other should be inhaled. If the polyps are deep into the sinuses, you should mix the extracts with hot water and inhale the vapor. You should also partake in a few minutes of breathing exercises per day and add in specific vitamins and minerals to speed up the process.

By dedicating a few minutes each day to implement these changes, you can get rid of your nasal polyps in just a few days. Best of all, this will be a 100% safe and natural treatment. If you want to get the complete guide on how to get rid of nasal polyps naturally, with step-by-step instructions of what to do and what to take, check out Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle



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