Keratosis Pilaris Treatment – Get Rid Of Your Chicken Skin Quickly And Effectively

Since you are visiting this website you probably already know what is Keratosis Pilaris (KP) – a common skin condition that causes rough patches and small, acne-like bumps, usually on the arms, thighs, cheeks and buttocks.

Instead of going into medical details here and start showing you Keratosis Pilaris pictures, let me ask you a question first:

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You’d like to PERMANENTLY clear your skin from the bumps, the redness, the picking, but your skin condition doesn’t seem to improve no matter what
  • You’ve found temporary solution (after spending thousands $$$ on creams) for your Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin), but those stubborn bumps appear again?
  • You’ve tried almost EVERYTHING that your dermatologist said, but it didn’t work and now want a Keratosis Pilaris natural home remedy to help you achieve bumps-free, smooth skin

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, than I have something VERY important to tell you…

Keratosis Pilaris Is Curable!

And I will show you how in a few moments, but before I do, let me first tell you an unfortunate FACT that you need to know:

“This skin problem, affects around 80% of teenagers, and 40% of adults, but nobody seems to know the exact cause of it and how to prevent it.”keratosis-pilaris-picture

You may be asking yourself, why is that statement true?

There is a SECRET that very few people realize:

The fact is, you can ELIMINATE Keratosis Pilaris (KP) completely naturally, without the need of any medication, prescription, cream, surgery, IF you know what to do (as I will show you shortly)

If you are reading this, you may probably experienced these feelings and problems at some point:

  • EMBARRASSMENT & FRUSTRATION: Trying to cover up the redness and those small red bumps on your skin with long sleeves, even though it’s 40°C outside?
  • FEAR & DEPRESSION: Being scared to get close to somebody in public or to date, which is causing you to feel hopeless, antisocial, abnormal and unattractive?
  • SHAME: Constantly finding excuses for not going to the beach and hang out with your friends and family because you are ashamed of your skin?

All these can be happening to you at the moment, UNLESS you find out the TRUTH, so…

Here’s How To Deal With Those Other Problems…


Angela Steinberg was struggling with Keratosis Pilaris since she was 14. Her skin condition affected her confidence and self-esteem, causing her a lot of embarrassment, frustration, depression… not to mention anger for the wasted thousands of dollars on expensive creams, doctors and high-paid dermatologists.

Disappointed of the same opinions from the doctors and dermatologists, and getting the same results of the creams, she started a research to find a solution on her own, a NATURAL KP home treatment that will eventually change her life.

Soon enough (after excessive researches on forums, journals, textbooks) she found something that gave her an “AH-HA” moment! After a few days of testing the techniques, she was actually GLOWING, and everyone around her noticed it.  Not only did she finally complete her dream to have smooth skin, but also she finally GOT RID of the redness on her skin!

And that’s just the start…

Since Angela was fortunate enough to stumble upon this solution, she felt OBLIGATED TO SHARE it with the rest of the world in a form of an e-book, called: Banish My Bumps!

At this point, you’re probably wondering:

Would It Work For Me?

She decided to go out and test her techniques on others. The results were BETTER than expected!

A lot of people were surprised with the results gained after a few days (you can read about their stories here). They were ACTUALLY waking up with improved skin, more and more every day, until the KP finally disappeared after just a few weeks and up to two months!

Now, you may be skeptical and thinking: “Yeah, right, it’s impossible to cure KP in that short amount of time”, and you’d be partially right about it. After all, it sounds like an outrageous claim, if you are struggling with KP for a long time.

That’s what Angela thought as well at the beginning, until something made her change her mind, the one SECRET that no one dermatologist will tell you:

“The KP Clearing Ingredients”

It’s common knowledge that usual natural KP treatment include:

  • Skin exfoliation (removal of the oldest dead skin cells) to unblock the pores
  • Avoiding the use of soaps or cleaners that can make your skin dry
  • Using loofah in hopes of achieving soft, smooth skin whilst bathing to reduce the visible chicken skin in your body
  • Using oil with vitamin E on inflamed area

The problem is, NONE of these work on the long term!

But, the KP clearing ingredients however, are much more EFFECTIVE and you can buy them for under a 15$ at your local grocery store! In that way you can UNLEASH your body’s natural ability to heal itself from all skin problems, if and only if, you give it the right support!

And that’s not all…

Angela is willing to share with you the VALUED information about:

  • The KP root causes (not just the KP symptoms) and their elimination
  • A step-by-step method to clear your KP
  • Slowing down your skin aging process
  • Facts your dermatologists NEVER won’t tell you… and much more.


But before you take this journey, let me ask you another quick question:

What It Would Mean To You To Have COMPLETELY Smooth Clear Skin After Just Two Weeks?

I don’t know how long you’ve been struggling with your KP, but since you’re still reading here, at some level you’ve THOUGHT about or WANT to have bumps-free, flawless, glowing skin soon enough.
So before you take this adventure, it’s good idea to know what it would mean to you.

For Angela, it was sense of accomplishment and RELIEF. She was SHINING at her friends weddings and getting COMPLIMENTS on a daily basis. She was finally living full and unrestricted KP free life, enjoying flawless glowing skin, and feeling really good about herself.

For you it may mean simply feeling NORMAL again, meaning:

  • Wearing everything you want, and showing off your arms and legs in public (at work, at the gym, at the swimming pool)
  • Hanging out with your friends and family, and NEVER avoiding any social situation because of your skin!
  • Enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather with comfort and confidence!
  • Loving the look you see in the mirror!
  • Living the dream without inhibitions and constant reminder of your KP!

As long as you can find your own reasons for taking this step and finally get rid of your KP NOW, whatever reason it may be, this product WILL HELP YOU to ensure that clearing your skin can be the easiest, most natural thing to do!

It’s designed to be a COMPLETE SYSTEM, not only to help you clear your skin in the first place, but also transform you instantly into a more attractive, more confident and more social person.

What Are You Going To Get?

Here’s what you get with the “Banish My Bumps” e-book

Instant access to the e-book (no waiting whatsoever!) in digital format [PDF] which contains the complete easy-to-follow, proven and guaranteed system for getting rid of Keratosis Pilaris, once and for all!

Keratosis Pilaris ebook

How Much Is This Worth For You?

How much do you spend on KP creams for example? Angela spent minimum $50 a month = $600 a year, $12.000 over 20 years! (What would you do with $12.000 in cash right now?)

How much does it cost you for paying doctor’s and dermatologist’s fees?

This product is just $37!

The reason for keeping this price low is to allow MAXIMUM number of people to benefit from it.

In addition, you’ll get the 60 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, which makes this deal NO-BRAINER!

60 days money-back Guarantee

Say HELLO to life with no more bumps, no more sleeves, no more picking and no more embarrassment of your skin. Banish those dry, annoying, unsightly KP bumps finally! So, don’t put this away, it may change your life… ACT NOW!


P.S. Remember, every second you wait is another your skin may be getting worse!

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