Aquaponics Gardening – The Complete System

How many times did you not want to grow your own vegetables, without chemicals or preservatives, just organic food that you, your children and your entire family can eat safely? How many times did you not think for purchasing a land that will offer you the organic crops you long for? How many times did you not wish to go out and pick your veggies without thinking of their rising price? If for all of these questions the answer is “many” then read on and find out how all you wishes may come true.


So, let’s start with the beginning. The first invention which made gardening far easier was hydroponics, which involved growing your veggies in special pots with water. However, the hydroponic system involves using many chemicals and fertilizers, thus the plants growing in there are not quite organic. Yet, the use of fertilizers and chemical substances is not necessary when building your aquaponic system.

Aquaponics or aquaponic farming involves growing fish and plants in a natural and useful interdependence. So, you grow fish in a normal fish tank and after a certain period you “plant” the seeds. Then you just take care of the fish and the plants will grow and develop naturally without any further help from you.

The aquaponic principle is simple: the fish provide food and fertilizer for the plants (their excrements), while the plants clean the fishes’ water, creating great conditions for them to develop. If you take good care of your fishes and make sure that their water is always oxygenated properly, then your plants will not need any other type of care. So, as long as your fishes are happy, so will be your plants.

But, why are the fish so important in the aquaponics? Well, the first step in setting up your aquaponic system is that of purchasing a fish tank and, of course, the fish. This is mainly because they are the ones which are going to provide food for your plants. Once you place the fish in the tank you can say you have started your aquaponic garden. This is mainly because placing the fish in the water is a similar step to preparing the land in traditional gardening. In about a month the fish will create the perfect environment for the plants to grow as their excrements will turn into the perfect nutrients on which plants can feed.

Once the water is filled with nutrients, the seeds are placed in special pots which will be submersed in the tank so that the water can reach the seeds. The fish will continue to produce food for the seeds, which will grow and develop into mature plants thriving on the food offered by the fish. This will not only make your plants grow bigger and bigger as time goes by, but it will also clean the water for the fish so that they can grow and develop as well.

Taking good care of your fish will result in good, tasty and healthy vegetables. Thus, if you already have a fish tank in your house or you are thinking of purchasing one for your children, why not combine your pleasure with the practical things and use the tank for an aquaponic system.

There are plenty of advantages such a system can offer you. First of all independence from the market as you will grow your own vegetables in the comfort of your own home, secondly great use of your space, as you will only need a place inside the house or the garage where you can place the fish tank. Then there is the comfort issue, as you no longer have to dig the ground and plant the seeds outside, bend over and over again to clear the land from weeds and harvest the crops. In fact you do not need land at all.

Furthermore, you will be able to use this type of farming all year round, regardless of the season or the meteorological conditions from outside! This means that you will have fresh veggies all year round, with minimum effort. Just think of your tasty tomatoes or cucumbers, of the smell of your fresh parsley or how you will amaze everyone with your delicious strawberries in the winter! You will eat healthy and organic vegetables and will even be able to offer some of your crops to your neighbors as you will have plenty of everything.

This is by far the easiest, safest and most convenient type of gardening that has ever existed.
Try it now and convince yourself that aquaponics is the future of gardening!

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